Hey there!  Thanks for reading my blog.

I have this blog directly set up to link to Facebook and the newsfeed, but I would hate to have you miss one of my wonderful installments and I would love for you to follow me.

First of all feel free to comment.  I can’t believe that some days I have had 168 views but not one comment… think of this as Facebook.  Comment away!!

Secondly you can subscribe to my blog by clicking “Subscribe” and my installments will be sent conveniently to your email.  Isn’t that special and handy?  No need to ever worry to miss what I am saying again!

Thirdly, because all good lists have three items… I love those of you who have stopped me and told me that you are reading this.  It does give me a slight case of willies but I am working through that and concentrating on being BOLDLY BLESSED.  Please continue to follow me along on this.  I am eager to see it all unfold and the growth I find in being real.  And seeing if by boldly living a blessed life that it challenges you to be blessed and real too.  Let me know if it does!!

God Bless,

Kristin Wooldridge


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  1. Kristen, you are an incredibly blessed writer and you have blessed the lives of so many others through your blog. Keep inspiring others so they to may be bold, loving and sensible in using their talents to carry out the life God so desires for them. Enjoyed reading your posts, I can see
    why my niece Dana is proud to call you her friend! Blessings to you, Rose Auriemma Odum.

    • Rose- thank you for your comment and support. I love to write but I am pretty reserved in sharing them. I had no idea this piece would strike a chord with so many. I hope that it will serve now in the healing process of so many. Thank you.

      PS- your niece is Wonderful!

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