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  1. Love your post! And I love to celebrate with food/meal too. Does there really need to be a reason to celebrate with a meal??? 🙂

  2. My third child, Joseph, is a genius. I polled each of my children in the delivery room. Christy and Tony were disoriented as I welcomed them into this life. But Joe’s response, in emotions not words of course, was something like “What do you want?” It was humbling and I got a little angry, but then realized that for evolution to work, you have to sometimes produce an offspring more intelligent than you. Joe talked “late” too. Like your son, he was just too busy exploring and manipulating his environment and too effective without spoken words to bother figuring language out. Once he started talking, what he had to say was always amazing and still often is (at age 29).

    I was a big (6′ 3″) “hands on” Italian-American parent, One day (at age 4) when Joe would not comply with some silly directive I felt was vital at the time, I sat him in a chair and was face to face with him. Our noses were a few inches apart. He looked into my eyes and said matter of fact: “You’re just going to have to kill me. I am not going to do what you are telling me to do.” I laughed and cried, hugged him and said: “Right on!” [I was 10 before I told my supremely patriarchal dad the same thing.]

    I have an African-American friend whose son was three and had never spoken. Election night, 2008, as his mother watched the first Black President address the nation that had just elected him hours earlier, her son said his first word: “Obama”. He was just waiting until he had something worth commenting on, obviously.

    If we don’t destroy this planet, our genius children will start to fix it…

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