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At this very moment…


My family is not outside riding bikes, swinging on our super cool playlet, or going for a walk. To be honest we are chilling out the modern way after a crazy 24 hours of multiple fun events for school and scouts.

Here is what we are doing at this very moment… (can’t believe I am going to admit this…)
> I am blogging from Amon’s new iPad after spending an hour playing fruit ninja with Rhett, messaging my mom on Facebook, and glancing at Pinterest at things I may never make, cook or do.
> Ian has spent an hour on Amon’s android phone calculating crazy math problems, playing fruit ninja, and now he is listening to k-love being streamed live and singing out loud
> Kaylee has spent an hour on my iPhone watching ballet performances on YouTube (including an amazing one with a man missing a leg and the woman missing an arm), then she laughed out loud watching babies being silly, now she has on headphones and is creating cheer moves to the songs streaming on k-love
> Rhett barely napped and wanted to watch a show, then he moved on to fruit ninja with me, he then played with his fire trucks and tried riding our dog Harley.
> Amon has missed all this because he is unplugged completely and is napping after a hard week and lots of hours helping with the pinewood derby for cub scouts.

Shocking!!!!! I can’t believe I have admitted this. And I will also admit that we have all been happily getting along in the same room (except Amon). No mid afternoon fights or WWIII moments. This can’t be our new thing to do all the time, but today I think it has provided a healthy outlet for each of us based on being together and independently entertained.

Now to sign off to watch Ian play with Harley. I’m going to play fire trucks with Rhett and listen to Kaylee sing from her creative center that Jesus loves her and enjoy being together… Well until someone gets hurt…

Oh shoot!!! Ian just hit Rhett in the side of the head with a hard dog toy… Oh my!!!

Maybe technology is safer!!!! Never a dull moment in our home.

I am thawing out… shaking… but thawing out…


It has been a while… Too long of a while actually. Life came ahead of blogging and writing. And I promise you I lived quite a bit of life since my last blog post on November 10. (ouch, really?)

And to be honest with you, the living was busy, fun and at times plain old nutty. I would think, “oh I should write about this or wouldn’t this be great to share.” BUT then I would get busy again and not connect with myself or you. Even a few good friends have called (me out), emailed, and/or boldly asked on the phone if I was ever going to get back at “it”. Shoot… my blog absence was noticed… which made me wonder if it was being missed by others as well. I did need that encouragement because to be honest with myself and you…

FEAR HAD SET IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It has been a process of self discovery for sure. Ups and downs included… and now FEAR!

The fear part has been there all along and the painful part associated with being open. You probably can relate. I hope. I can’t predict the future or reaction to a decision, choice, viewpoint, or direction… sooooo you FREEZE.


Each time I was asked about my blog I felt my fear thawing a little. (and sheer panic set in… good times)

I still have fear in picking this back up again but a friend of mine recently posted something on Facebook that changed my perspective in multiple areas… Thanks Meri for this.

“Sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage.”

And today I got a swift kick in the pants all the way from Alabama. Thanks Janalyn for taking me by the virtual shoulders and giving me a hard shake up to get me going again. She is right… if I have something to say then I am cheating myself and you by not saying it. (thanks for the pep talk… don’t forget to call back to my cell voicemail and leave the entire pep talk again so I can listen at anytime)

This blogs only purpose is to give a forum of faith in real life. And to help others understand that we are all made to need each other more than we will ever realize and that I am not perfect. I don’t have a writing degree. I don’t have a divinity degree. I can offer you what I have… me.

So here’s to a great re-start and to being BOLD to encourage others to live in and out their faith!!!

Special thanks to my cheerleaders: Janalyn, Amy, Karri and Holly.

And as my sweet husband has said since I stopped blogging, “If you would have posted each time you said you shoulda/woulda/coulda post, you wouldn’t have stopped… GO BLOG ALREADY!” (I just love that he loves me and wants to wring my overcommunicative neck sometimes)


PS- I am going to be keeping my WordPress page but hope to intergrate it with a Facebook page… look for some new things coming… and more blogs!! Send comments or messages to me anytime! This works just like Facebook and I would to hear what you think!!!