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At this very moment…


My family is not outside riding bikes, swinging on our super cool playlet, or going for a walk. To be honest we are chilling out the modern way after a crazy 24 hours of multiple fun events for school and scouts.

Here is what we are doing at this very moment… (can’t believe I am going to admit this…)
> I am blogging from Amon’s new iPad after spending an hour playing fruit ninja with Rhett, messaging my mom on Facebook, and glancing at Pinterest at things I may never make, cook or do.
> Ian has spent an hour on Amon’s android phone calculating crazy math problems, playing fruit ninja, and now he is listening to k-love being streamed live and singing out loud
> Kaylee has spent an hour on my iPhone watching ballet performances on YouTube (including an amazing one with a man missing a leg and the woman missing an arm), then she laughed out loud watching babies being silly, now she has on headphones and is creating cheer moves to the songs streaming on k-love
> Rhett barely napped and wanted to watch a show, then he moved on to fruit ninja with me, he then played with his fire trucks and tried riding our dog Harley.
> Amon has missed all this because he is unplugged completely and is napping after a hard week and lots of hours helping with the pinewood derby for cub scouts.

Shocking!!!!! I can’t believe I have admitted this. And I will also admit that we have all been happily getting along in the same room (except Amon). No mid afternoon fights or WWIII moments. This can’t be our new thing to do all the time, but today I think it has provided a healthy outlet for each of us based on being together and independently entertained.

Now to sign off to watch Ian play with Harley. I’m going to play fire trucks with Rhett and listen to Kaylee sing from her creative center that Jesus loves her and enjoy being together… Well until someone gets hurt…

Oh shoot!!! Ian just hit Rhett in the side of the head with a hard dog toy… Oh my!!!

Maybe technology is safer!!!! Never a dull moment in our home.