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Someone’s chasing me…


Well, not really.  But that is what I think now as I near the end of my 1st week of the Couch 2 5K program.  (3 times a week on the program and I am walking for 15 minutes on the off days to be habitual)

I have teased for years (really decades) that I only run if I am chased.  I have never been a natural athlete or someone who just can’t wait to get exercising.  No matter my attempts in junior and senior high school I still hated it.  I only had rock hard abs at that time and was a size 4 because of how horrible I was at getting serves over the net during drills or running laps for all the baskets I missed.  Poor performance was consistent for me and in my young mind I felt “punished”.  So I started to look at exercising in a warped way.

Now embarking on my 36th year, I can’t deny the importance of exercising any longer.  Especially with the three little mirrors reflecting back to me that I am a hypocrite about exercising to be healthy and be here for as long as God plans.  (which I hope will be my 100th year – – I have a lot left to do and lots of love to share)

So what made this happen… my two oldest love running.  They got this sickness from their cross-country running daddy.  So they wanted to learn how to run on the treadmill on Sunday and at 9 and almost 7 I let them.  I was there to monitor the time and pace.  I let them both run for 10 minutes each.  THEY RAN THE ENTIRE TIME!  Now Kaylee wants to run 2 times a day … sick I tell you.  I am supporting this lifestyle choice.

Wait… I got ahead of myself in my story.  So they got done on Sunday and I was helping them stretch.  They had 220 questions (because no child has only 20) about running including, “Mom, when were you last on the treadmill?”  I replied once in September.  Then they pounced on me and said I need to run as much as them.  YIKES.  So I actually started that next day.  So, I am on day 4 of being chased by someone as I run on that treadmill in my basement.

My “app” calls the voice Allison, but I have renamed her Helga.  She is a former old school Soviet Union trainer with a thick accent and mustache.  Makes me laugh just thinking about all the crazy stuff that goes on between my ears.

Praying I can keep up running and getting to a place where I like it.  I have a plan and I just need to keep prioritizing my to do’s to stick with it.  I do like the alone time it creates.  That might keep me going.

I can do this!!!!!!!  Ian, Kaylee, Rhett and Helga won’t let me stop!!!

Hope you keep moving or get moving soon too!