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A Pawn in the Game of Life


Ahhh… I love two-year olds.  They are the great ego equalizer.  If you hang out with one for any amount of time you will find out quickly that they feel you are just a pawn in the game of life.

There are different types of two-year olds.  Here are a few:
> Know it alls: these are the kinds that have been talking and asking questions for at least a year and so they assume they know everything
> Lovie Dovies: these are the ones that will smother you with love and need a lot of attention
> Loner: this type rarely wants help and wants to be left to play by themselves.  Do not force sharing with this one!
> Car Salesperson: doesn’t know a stranger and can’t wait to leave you to meet someone new
> The Runner: This child could be a 2-year-old Olympian if there was a contest for fastest speed running into a parking lot.
> Lil’ Teacher: the one that will teach others to do anything and everything
> Boo: the shy ones that jump before you say a thing
> Too cute for their own good: This one can bat their eyelashes, give wet kisses, and laugh endlessly even at themselves to the detriment of what any adult near them is trying to do.
Honestly the list could go on forever since all kids are vastly different.  My experience of two-year olds so far has been with a know it all/car salesperson and boo/minoring in Know it all.  Today I truly learned what kind of two-year old my third child really is.  He is a Too Cute for the Own Good.  Let me tell you how I finalized my decision.
I enjoy participating in ministry work.  I had a reason to stop by a local non-profit today to introduce myself and give a rough sketch of an idea.  Nothing earth shattering, but yet very important.  So important I put on lipstick before I went in the office.  I buzzed in right after picking my 2.5 year old up after a full day of Parent’s Day Out.  (meaning I had 6 hours of no children today yet I didn’t make it to do this on my own)  I thought it would be quick and he would be fine.
Oh he was fine alright.  He was quiet at first and smiled.  However an internal egg timer went off and after 7 minutes he made sure he batted his eyes and said hi to all the women in the office.  He then decided his next move would be to drop his sweatpants to his ankles and run around the office like a crazy flasher.  Thank goodness the women in the office all laughed and thought it was a riot.  I quickly got his point and we bee-lined out of the office.
My children have taught me grace, flexibility and most of all I can laugh at life much more.  I was more myself with his help.  We laughed all the way to the van.  He is a delightful little devil!