Here are few we see in our daily lives:

– Surgeon General’s Warning

– Caution hot liquids (at McD’s and Starbucks on your coffee)

– Caution slippery surface

– Contents may explode under pressure.

I have never smoked because my mother did an excellent anti-smoking campaign for me growing up.  I rarely chose to order a hot beverage anywhere and if I do I always ask for room for ice.  And I walk like a little old lady on slick surfaces because I think it helps with traction.

My favorite is contents may explode under pressure.  This is so true of my life and my reaction to it.  Some days there is no fire lit under me and I still proceed just fine.  But the days I have added pressure of a conflict, deadline, or having to be 3 different types of mom to 3 different types and ages of children I am close to my maximum pressure point.  I am primed and ready to explode.

This happened multiple times over the past two weeks while my 6-year-old daughter struggled after her routine tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy.  She was down and way out in pain, exhaustion, hunger and overall unpleasantness with the worst breath ever.  She could usually be found on the couch with our oversized heating pad wrapped around her head and a sports water bottle with ice near.  My 9-year-old son was my right hand man.  Until day 4 that is.  Then he was done with all of us and especially his almost 3-year-old brother that adores him.  And my wound up, silly 3-year-old would be loud and crazy the whole day.   He would slowly approach his sister and say, “Sissy? Boo-boo? Owwwwww!!!”  Then turn on his heel to make noise, destroy the living room or karate chop his big brother.

It was like chasing my tail, hitting my head against the wall and being in a dead-end all at the same time.  So much chaos and so many different needs.  Not to mention my own.  Being sleep deprived and crazed I did my best not to lose it.  Friends were so sweet to bring us meals, bring items to distract the kids and grab necessary items.  (yes we ran out of toilet paper and milk)  And my parents were a huge help on a couple of different days to help Kaylee and I rest.

But on day 7, I lost it.  “It” was all my contents that were under pressure.  As I sat trying to fold 6 loads of washed laundry that had become a towering mountain, I started thinking crazy thoughts.  You know the ones that sleep deprivation bring on.  They can include, but are not limited to: “I am the worst homemaker, mother, nurse, cook, planner, etc.” – – “I am never going to get us all back on track.” – –  “My kids are going to remember this always as the worst spring break ever.” – – “How do I keep folding and sorting laundry when I just want to fall over and sleep on it?” – – “It is never going to get easier.” – – etc., etc., etc.

Hello Crazy!  My contents were so under pressure that my sweet husband popped into check on me and even asked how much longer I needed on my own since I was losing it.  Now my contents were turning me into a hot mess and ugly crying.  Exhaustion is just the pits.  All my negative self-talk and emotions were not how I feel about myself or my family on a normal day, but when the reality is heavy and the outlook is more of the same… you have every right to lose your marbles when your contents explode.

You have to have a team ready to help you recalibrate your settings for how much pressure you can take.  I did and with some much-needed sleep I am back to my usual crazy level of pressure on a day when all 3 of our blessings are at school.  These days help erase the rawness of those two weeks and I actually can’t wait to see all 3 later this afternoon.  Well, until they break into a crazy fight over who can talk about their day first… or who was the fastest runner from the bus stop… or who is smarter or funnier than the other… (I can go on… but for your benefit I will stop)

So be mindful of your contents and how much pressure you can stand before you explode.


About Kristin

I started this blog thing years ago in August 2011. I have made attempts to blog over the past three years of seminary, but it was like writing when drowning. But I have completed the bulk of my course work, so I know there is a God. I am currently in my capstone creation phase this fall. This allows me time to unravel a little and renew my passion for writing my ramblings. If you like what you read, share what it stirs in you or even share it with others. I write for you from me. A little about me... I have celebrated 16 years of wedded bliss and reality with my best friend for over 17 years. We have 3 wonderful kids that are all unique, amazing and different in their own way. Our first born is nearly a teenager. He loves talking, Scouts, reading, camping and science experiments. Our daughter is a decade old. She is our creative soul and a planner! She loves to spend time dancing, singing and nurturing/teaching her babydolls and us. She is very sweet to her brothers. Last but not least is our daring 6 year old red head boy. He broke the "Wooldridge Mold". He is the fastest runner, our busiest explorer, our deep philosopher and biggest joker, oh and he gives the best hugs. You know the long lingering kind that truly fuel your soul to sing. I have been a stay at home mom for nearly 13 years and I have found a groove that works for our family. (That grove doesn't mean I have it figured out. It just means I am good with asking for help and having my family help us survive.) Twelve years ago, I joined a local MOPS group and I have been the Coordinator for 1o years. This group has given me a chance to lead without working full time, support other women in my community and help refine my walk with God. I also attend Central Baptist Theological Seminary. I am pursuing a Masters of Divinity and loving every minute of it. I am currently working on my capstone project, which a ministry guide for the MOPS group I have lead for a decade. It will serve as a touchpoint for those in leadership and also as a sweet offering as my goodbye to meaningful work that touched every part of my life and taught me that I am called to pastor. My life isn't perfect as the paragraph above makes it seem. But I have traveled through those harder times and found strength and support through them. Hoping to use this blog as a spot to write my thoughts, feelings and stories as I keep on living life! God Bless you and keep you. We each need to remember the Divine is within each of us. Be kind to yourself and to others.

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  1. I’m so happy that you have such a wonderful support system to help you through such a rough couple weeks. You give so much of yourself to so many others its nice to see you are getting it in return! You are very loved as is your special family! So glad Kaylee is feeling better and life can get back to whatever your “normal” is! LOL!!! Love, Beth

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