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Safe and Sound?


I slept well last night but in my heart I was aching.  I kept thinking of the current abduction of Lisa Irwin.  As a parent, we all have daily safety concerns and development markers.  No one thinks abduction out of a child’s room is going to happen.

I remember back to Jonbenet Ramsey in 1996 with a house intrusion/invasion.  It was 1996 and I was in college.  This story seemed out of this world to me and now Baby Lisa feels hard to comprehend now as a mom.  I have had crazy times of checking on my children.  The most recent was the uncontrollable 4-5 times (that was on a good night… I won’t confess to how many times initially) I would check on Rhett when he was 6 months to 8 months old.  I was in prayer and yet so afraid of losing him to SIDS.

But now I really don’t check on my kids.  I figure I will wake them and then I will be back at care giving instead of heading to bed to collapse.  Last night though, we triple checked our locks, left lights on  downstairs and I did go in and check on all three.  I held my breath knowing that all were snuggled in bed and nothing was wrong.  But that deep desire for Lisa’s family to be able to do the same was heartbreaking.

I am in prayer for her safety.  I will never know what her parent’s pain is like (I hope) and I can’t imagine how life must be spinning out of control for them.  The hopeful believer in me feels she is safe but very far from here.  I hope someone on the national news can really get the attention of our country so that this baby is found.  We all watch CSI, NCIS, Law and Orders, etc. that have this theme, but to have it in our “backyard” is unsettling.  Please pray and never discount a day (the good ones, the bad ones and the ugly ones) with your own children.  And if your children are grown with children help them to raise their gaze from the daily drama and relish in the fact that our children are a gift from God.

Praying for Lisa.



A place for silence


Today is my quiet day from 9am-3pm.  Quiet in volume.  Not usually a peaceful, quiet day scheduling wise.

This morning I was part of a lively discussion on issues that really have me thinking.  School aged kids are such a different beast.  Especially with a good dose of exhaustion and responsibilities.  That time listening, sharing and questioning filled my “interaction” cup.  (MOMSnext is a pivotal place for me to think about my school age kids)

I then headed home and donned my super cute, flowery half apron from my Mom.  Then I cooked!  I was in the zone and it felt so good to be preparing more than the Taco Tuesday fare.  I was geared up to cook for a sweet friend of mine and my family too.  I doubled the recipe and let my oven, blender, and freezer do their magic.

While all was cooking or freezing, I spent time in my craft room/office.  It has been a dumping ground for 6 months which stinks since I set it up 6 months ago.  It was like an archeological dig of things that should have never been placed there.  So frustrating.

I spent 2-3 hours really purging, organizing, and clearing spaces.  Guess what? It felt GREAT!  Yes, I had other things that I could always be busy with including dishes, laundry and my nemesis… DUST.  Those things are always to-dos with a family of five (plus Harley!!).  Today it was nice to let them go for a bit

But a space just carved for me is needed.  It needed my respect, attention and care.  I feel like I can easily tap into that creative zone I need to stay balanced.

I even got to make a couple of new things and it was freeing to put up the few things I had used.  Then I was able to leave things neat and tidy to go finish up cooking.

No phone calls, no Facebook, no emails, no texting… nothing.  Just me in my own space.

Being “unplugged” is key to balance and in this moment I have balance.  I hope you can create some space mentally, physically or spatially. soon.

Best Designed Plans


Do you ever have those days were you have “a plan”?  A real plan.  One that looks great on paper.  You know the kind that seems like a no-brainer to a big win.  Those feel good even before you get going.

Do you ever make this plan and it is not “fact-checked” against reality?  I do that sometimes.  Plans created in a vacuum.  Guess that things made in a vacuum do… they SUCK! (Get it?  Ha!)

When I go about planning and doing without looking at the whole picture things fall short and I get disappointed in myself in the outcomes.  Take today for example.  I need to get across town (not Liberty… I need to go to the far off state of Kansas) and I thought bing, bam, boom – – in and out and all will be great.

So, I load my toddler up and head to the Wild Wild West of Kansas at 11am.  Ten minutes into our journey he isn’t babbling and singing along with me anymore.  I glance back and he is OUT!  That good kind of slumped over sleep with his head bobbing back and forth.

So I caught the next exit back to Liberty and in 7 minutes I was able to get him in his bed for a real nap.

Plans averted for a real rest and a chance for me to get things done at home. (and to blog!)

Here is what I had overlooked and should have added to our reality equation:

  • He had major playtime last night during our small group for church = tired
  • He got me up at 5:15 am and was wide awake = tired
  • He had already been up 6 hours = tired
  • He had just eaten the biggest banana ever personally purchased = full

And if I had been aware instead of focused on the desired outcome I would have never even attempted to go.

Ah to be human and get so much practise in readjusting after erring.  I do appreciate the “oops” moments because next time I will refine my thinking and I hope I will be able to miss this rookie mistake.

This is a small example but I bet each of us could pick a bigger example in our lives were we need to step back and see all the pieces to the puzzle.

Think it out without being in a vacuum.

(SIDE NOTE: We are outta here… he napped almost 2 hours and has woke up happy… Kansas here we come!!)