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Little Things…


Many of my Liberty and Kansas City North friends have been out of power since the early Saturday hours.  A storm blew through and really put a halt to everyone’s plans.  Many are still without tonight.  We can’t believe we still have power.

But I have heard many stories of sharing and building relationships that are happening when neighbors are forced out of their comfort zones to check on one another.  They are not only checking on each other but comparing ideas and news on future repairs.  I know that when a tornado came through Liberty a few years ago we headed outside to see how everyone around us was doing.  We just had to know how they were doing.

Yet day after day we open our garage doors and head out into the world. Then we return home with not ever having to connect with even the people on our street.  It is good that when life happens people do react with support and community first.

It would be great to spend more time with our neighbors outside of these times of natural chaos.

I need to work on that… how about you?

Why not?


The following post has been circulating on Facebook this week.  And I wanted to give my two cents… not that I am charging for this blog.  All my thoughts are free!

What I love about this list is that it makes the men and women in the Bible accessible and real.  Not that I am going to relate to a murderer or someone who is dead.  But I can completely relate to a worrier, moodiness, impatience, insecurity or being a short person.  And probably even a few more if I was truly open with this post.  Most of this list covers half of what the freshman year at college can be.

Jacob was a cheater
Peter had a temper
David had an affair
Noah got drunk
Jonah ran from God
Paul was a murderer
Gideon was insecure
Miriam was a gossip
Martha was a worrier
Thomas was a doubter
Sarah was impatient
Elijah was moody
Moses stuttered
Zaccheus was short
Abraham was old
Lazarus was DEAD

But what is fascinating to me is that through their real lives they were chosen to be part of stories that can help us today in our current world.  Even in reading Max  Lucado’s Out Live Your Life, this theme of normalcy resounds.  I don’t know where I got the idea that the disciples were called so they must really been more perfect than the Bible  stories led me to believe.  But Lucado describes them as not well educated, not well traveled, they were working class, they were regular joes, and not devotedly religious before Jesus.  Yet they were called…

You will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth. (Acts 1:8 NIV)

Can you imagine getting this declaration?  You right now are reading this…  What does it feel like or look like to honor that call?  Why do we put time limits on  who received this call?  Could we all honor it in some extent in our normalcy?

So, what’s YOUR  excuse? Can God use you? All He wants is YES!

God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the CALLED!

Live loved and boldly blessed!


2 Weeks


It has been two weeks since I left for the MOPS 2011 Convention in Nashville.  Unbelievable the amount of change since then.  My “baby” no longer at 26 months will even put a toe in his crib.  It was HARD and it was crazy to move him into a big boy bed.  But we met him where he was instead of where I wanted him to still be.  For about a week now we have had mountain top moments of sleeping all night to deep valleys of praying, wishing and hoping he would sleep for more than an hour.  But we are making it and he is getting it.  And the best part he is happy and knows he is loved right where he is. (which is on a twin mattress on the floor with construction bedding circa Target 6 years ago — Ian’s set)

Other big changes this week include the big kids back in school.  The house is bustling in the mornings and everyone so far has buy-in on getting out the door.  Kaylee is loving kindergarten and her teacher that has 22 years experience!! (woo hoo)  Ian is thrilled with his second year at our school and has many friends in class.  All is going well.  It is amazing to look back two weeks ago and our lives looked completely different.

With all this said, I am not sad.  Sure a little bit of me is that they are all three growing like weeds and Ian reminds me at least weekly that I only have him 10 more years until he is gone to college.  But I am more thrilled about their paths and direction.  I am open for the challenges, the good ones and the hard ones.  They all three know that Momma is here to listen, love and help.

I know that I am a praying momma.  I pray off and on all day as they are at school.  I don’t want their days to be perfect everyday.  I want them to be real and applicable.  Fun too!  The real part is where they will really learn about friends, learning and life.

There is that saying that having children is like having your heart walk outside into the world.  And I completely agree.  My heart is out in the world 3 times and it has deepened my faith, my ability to love and my grasp of what it means to be inclusive and open.

How this Blog thing works…


Hello all!  This is not my real blog for today.  I know you are relieved. 🙂

I am new to blogging and the WordPress website, so I wanted to clear up any confusion about how to follow this blog.


Under my daily post which is posted once daily to Facebook you can:

1 – hope you catch it when I post or you can click SUBSCRIBE.  It is a button on the right side.  If you subscribe, every time I post you will get a nifty email with  my post.  I promise they will never be too long.  We both don’t have time for that!

2 – if you like what you have read and you want to pass on my blog post you can SHARE it directly to Facebook by clicking the Facebook icon by Share This.  Maybe your circle of friends would like my ramblings too.

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4 – if you want to reach me directly about something you can do so under the REACH ME button at the top of my page.

I think that is the nuts and bolts of it.

Thank you for reading and I hope that my ramblings give you a moment of blessings each day.

Live Loved and Boldly Blessed!

Kristin Wooldridge

Heinz 57


Not the condiment…

No I have always been told I am a little of this and a little of that.  So that means a Heinz 57 type of person.  Who knows exactly what my heritage is.  I know that part of me is English and German.  (German of course for my strength… I always say I am a  big,strong German Girl).  But the rest is up for grabs.  I would love to know more and have connections going way back to whatever would be way back there.

But I don’t. And I am ok with that.

If I had to guess I would say that I have an Italian soul.  I love to celebrate with food.  As I type this up I am waiting for meat to brown so I can make a delicious first day of school lasagna.  It is a big day!  So that means a big meal.  I also know I must be at least 10% Italian because I truly feel like life should be celebrated with family and with friends.  Even right now my parents are coming to hear about the first day of 3rd grade and kindergarten.  We are all excited for the news and the pandemonium.  I am all a tether just waiting and cooking.

I DARE YOU TO COMMENT > > What makes you want to make a meal and celebrate??

(Short Blog… my kids are HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  All had a great day!!)


It just hit me


My “babysitters” will be gone tomorrow.  <insert screeching halt sound>

I have enjoyed some flexibility in the house this summer with my ever-present 8 and 6-year-old.  Tomorrow it is “Just the Two of Us”.  Rhett and I versus the world from 8:30am to 4:00pm.  No more can you watch Rhett while I _____________, no more I just have a quick MOPS call to make can you play trucks, and no more I will be right back and escape to the laundry room by myself.  WOW!

A rude awakening is coming towards me tomorrow.  Please don’t think I don’t enjoy my darling daring 2-year-old.  But he is a destroy and conquer kind of personality.  Folding laundry is a joke.  He stomps through my piles laughing all the way.  If I am cleaning toilets he tries to help by trying to use his blanket to wipe off the sides of it.  (AHHHHH) Last example, if I am unloading the dishwasher he still tries to stand on the open door and bounce.  Seriously kiddo!!

So since I had this revelation early in my day.  I headed upstairs at 8:30 am to clean everything possible.  You would think the Queen of England was coming over later today.  I have dusted, swept, washed  mirrors, scrubbed toilets, hung up all laundry I could find and straightened all 4 rooms and vacuumed.  Oh and scrubbed the showers and bathtubs.  I was a woman possessed.  I finally emerged and came downstairs to blog real quick before I had to get back to reality of 3 kids on the last day before school starts.

The big kids will be relieved and my little one will feel gypped when they head for the hills to play upstairs sans him!

The rest of the day will be focused on the kids and tomorrow I will tackle the main floor… well maybe the next few days since Rhett will be my big helper.

If you are revving up for a school year starting, what are you cramming in?  I chose cleaning!!

Do I Really???


Many parents are probably asking themselves that question right now.  Do I really have a 3rd grader and a kindergartener????  How did this happen???  I know I have always heard how fast your child’s childhood goes but this is ridiculous.  I vividly remember Ian as a newborn 8.5 years ago and the same with Kaylee 6 years ago.  Now I have two big kids who could pretty much get ready in the mornings with little to no assistance.  (“could” being the operative word) I am really just the time-keeper for when the bus is coming.  Which is 8:27 am this year.

Tonight when tucking them into bed I was amazed at how tall they are getting and then how little they both still are.  Ian with his crazy bigger permanent teeth that are finally starting to make a little sense.  Thank God his jaw is growing!!  And then Miss Kaylee with 3 wiggly teeth that are going to go anytime.  Those baby teeth we worked so hard to get will betray me and just fall out.  She was a terrible teether. (actually all my Wooldridges have been)  Then she will enter the world of small jaw versus big teeth and that seems unreal to me.

Then tonight it hit me in the hallowed halls of Alexander Doniphan that I am not that worried parent.  I am not nervous about sending them off into the great unknown.  I know that this is the right step in growing up and learning more.  I am excited to greet them at 3:56 pm (bus time if it isn’t late the first day or two) and hear all about their first day.  Their Gigi/Grammie (yes she is one person but with two specially given names) and Papa are coming to greet them too for the news of the day and the pandemonium that will follow.

Not saying it won’t be a little emotional on Wednesday morning but I am so thrilled for each of them and I know this is going to be a fantastic year.  I will continue praying for them and the path that God has for each of our big kids.

Anyone care to share how they feel about their kids going back to school??? (commenting is encouraged 🙂 )

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365 days have passed


Today marks a year in our home in Liberty.  We can’t believe that it has already been a year.

Last year on this day we had our kids at my parents’ and a friends’ house so we could move, move, move.  We were crazy.  And here is how it all happened.

Our house had been on the market for a little over 2 months. We were showing it pretty regularly and I was balancing a one year old and 2 big kids over summer break.  And of course keeping the house super show ready which is exhausting!  I remember getting Kaylee and Ian in on the cleaning action of last-minute showings.  Then we would either head to the pool, cruise the countryside around Liberty or head to a park.  Actually come to think of it, they probably loved running out for showings.

But that day came when Amon and I were at a loss on what our next step should, could or would be.  We had been praying separately, together and even praying when the realty showing company would call.  My cell name for the company was “Take a breath and pray”.  We were trying to give it all to God and let Him unfold what would happen next.  However we were getting impatient, crazed and did I mention I was in full swing of school getting ready to start for Ian.  We were hitting our breaking point.

So on Sunday, July 25th we were driving to Wooldridge family visit in Olathe and we had the “talk”.  The reality of this not happening soon was now real.  We were crushed but we felt that what was next was out of our control.  Amon decided right then to give it 7 more days.  If we didn’t have an offer in 7 days we were going to pull the house off the market and be just fine.  We both had peace about that.  Then we spent the entire afternoon with our family just relaxing, laughing and hanging out.  It was a great time and I truly felt at ease about the house.  So we piled the car full of our Wooldridges and headed back to Liberty.  After about 15 minutes Amon’s phone rang and it was our realtor.  She had an offer.  A real offer.  A good offer.  It was shocking.  We were so happy and dumbfounded.  But my husband, the ever cool businessman was already thinking about countering the offer.  We did and they accepted.  Then the next 3 weeks were the craziest of our entire lives.

We closed on August 10th, all our floors were replaced, added or refinished at the new house.  Most of the rooms were painted by Amon or our wonderful painter (let me know if you need someone I love to refer him).  When we came on the 14th it was OUR home.  It just needed Wooldridges to move in.  Ian started school 4 days later!!

We had loved our previous home of 7 years.  My Dad and Amon had put so much blood, sweat and tears into it.  Every room had been perfected and crafted to make it what we needed.  It was hard to leave.  We have actually only been by 2 times since we moved.

But 365 days have passed and we are so happy to be here.  We have made it ours and we love having friends and family over.

Many times I say to Amon when I wake up that I am so happy we moved.  I hope I can always say that.

I know that surrendering to God was the “tipping point” for us.  We trusted completely and stepped aside.  I know I need to do this more with my life.  What about you?


A Saturday I Could Take a Bite Out Of…


That is how I would describe today.  It was a day of just relaxing and being with friends.  It started out with us down one kiddo since my parents asked Ian to spend last night and today with them.  So we did as any other parent who is down a child knows what to do, you call to see if one of your daughter’s very best friends is available.  Crazy as it sounds it actually is WONDERFUL.  Kaylee wasn’t lamenting on why Ian had his turn even though hers was 2 days ago.  She was content and happy to play with her friend until bedtime.

Saturday started out right in their books because they woke up each other and started a movie that they were too tired to finish the night before.  Then they scored Lamars Donuts.  Which is going to have to be a sleepover tradition.  Amon obliged and the Saturday fun continued to roll out.  The house was full of giggles and silliness this morning.  Then we all got ready for our friend, Braxton’s 3rd birthday backyard party.  It was great to have time to just be.  We were not scrambled and crazed.  They ran and played and had so much fun that they collapsed later.  The rest of the afternoon has been full of ease and play.

Why can’t we make room in our family life for more Saturdays like today?  It was simple and pure.  We have some funny memories and great pictures of the party that show us that we can enjoy being relaxed.  I know we have had a busy summer, but I know it is nothing in compare to the school year.  It is a buckle your seat belts kind of experience.  But I am looking down the barrel of this year as a veteran.  This is my fourth year of back to school events, school parties and fundraisers.  I am going to keep balance in mind as we gear up for activities and limit as much as we can so our kids can get off the bus and just play.

Going to have to pencil in more days like today.  It was amazing to just be present and not rush.  I could savor this kind of Saturday with my family all the time.

Do you take a family Sabbath?  A day to just be… to limit… to practice some peace in a hurried existence…

What peace could come from Saturdays or Sundays to savor??

Exodus 33:14     “My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.”

Too many things…


Too many things to write about today. I could go on and on about 15 different things. But I think I want to write about encouragement.

We all need it. We are in a world that tells us that we should be independent and self-sufficient. I am over it.  I think that is true to a point but when we start being so self-sufficient we forget what they used to know “way back when”. Does anyone else miss the charm of a party line telephone, sewing bees, and barn raisings? OK out of all those things I am only good at one. (Did you guess talk on the phone?) But I would have loved to sit around learning how to sew and sharing my life with other women as we created something useful, beautiful and unique. I don’t have much interest in barn raising… except I hear there was usually great picnics after and an entire community would gather.

I know that I want to put forth a fresh face of confidence that says, “I’ve got this”. But it doesn’t get me to be ME or be real. I don’t want to seem like a complete train wreck either. But what if we all just peeled back our facade just a little bit. We told someone when we were happy, sad or mad. I know the voices in my head are cut in half when I just pray and talk things out with a friend.

I will admit I don’t have it all together but when something happens right I feel like encouragement makes it real. I have mentioned our ongoing sleep battles with our Rhetty, 2. It has been comforting while I am losing my sweet mind that so many have given me tips, words of encouragement or thoughts on Facebook. And then today I wrote that we slept!! I mean he slept 9pm to 6am and in one day I had nearly 25 “likes” and 6 comments of encouragement. That does a momma good!

Here is the challenge… what would it take for you to peel back a layer and let your true self peek out? Just a little. Maybe to just one friend or your family. Or the big step Facebook. (ahhh scary!) I have found more times than not that Facebook makes the world around me a little more like a community rather than a bustling suburbia. I feel drawn to follow friend’s stories, to check in on my friend serving overseas, prayer requests and times of pain and happiness. And a few of my friends can share themselves with the funniest one liners ever. They are opening up. Could you?

I know that blogging is a good outlet for me but not for all.  Trust me it is still giving me little waves of panic knowing a lot of people are reading this. Well not a lot, but I know I have friends who are and that gives me hope that what I am saying might be a ray of sunshine in their day. If I can lighten your load, make you smile, know that you aren’t as goofy as me, or challenge you to do something different than this serves its purpose.

So, I encourage you to encourage!! What could it hurt? How could it help?

Here is a word that encourages me to be be bold!

Mark 9:23 Jesus said to him, “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.”