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Waiting for inspiration… is many things…

But mostly it is like waiting for water to boil and we all know that is just the best thing ever.  I have been wrapped up in my own plans, needs and ministry that I feel like I am out of touch with my creativity.  I still have it but it is being tapped with upcoming priorities.  I am caught up in the business of busyness.  I have started saying, “wow if only ______________ would happen I could ____________________”.  That is a frustrating place to be.

I do feel like my time and attention is on the right place right now, however it doesn’t lead to blog inspiration.  Probably waiting to blog after 2/3’s of our kids in bed doesn’t help either. 🙂

Are you in the same boat as me?  All the schedules, school, and new routines collide as we enter into fall.  My planner went from partly cloudy or a sprinkling of activities into a full-out “perfect storm” on some dates.  It is doable.  I have said no to many things, but for our fall to work it will take me organizing and setting my family up for success and less frustration.  I am the mom, right?  That is my role.  I am here as a loving infrastructure that is ready, able and willing to get on with each day.

That is the case for sure.  But tonight I am tapped and tomorrow I will be inspired earlier in the day I hope, so I can post fully and openly.

I am pooped!!!!  (Just trying to be open and honest… hope that helps someone out there)

The Search is On for a New Routine


I am undergoing a process of routine change right now.  It is a bold path and wide-reaching.  With the newness of school routines, I am not only reacting to my own routine changes but currently Ian and Kaylee’s.  Whew!  Managing the differences in life between the openness of summer and the defined time of school is hard.  They are loving school but we are losing it during the window of 4-8pm.  Between snack, dinner, homework, etc… we are battling the exhaustion of two kids in full day school.

At 4pm, I am so excited to see them and by 4:05 they have sucked the air out of the house.  Yesterday they actually walked up the drive smacking each other.  This is all new to us.  We typically all get along pretty well but the ugly head of exhaustion may take us under.

It gets better around 8pm because Kaylee is already in bed and Ian is headed there.  And they are both bitter that Rhett is still up, but hey he has been enjoying his afternoon naps again so there!  I know that with any time of change it is going to get better soon.  This initial time warp lasts about 3 weeks.  Soon it will be a faded memory of how tired they have been.  (I can’t wait)

To be proactive with handling the exhaustion I have decided to try:

1 – greet them on the driveway from the bus (perhaps the hitting will be halted) with a hug and a big smile

2 – not answer the phone until after 5pm (text me if you neeeeeeeed me)

3 – have a snack and drink on the counter ready to go

4 – take turns on who shares about their day first

5 – have a dinner planned out hours ahead so I don’t get flustered when 5pm comes

6 – ask them what they would like to do after snack and homework (talk more with mom, play upstairs, downstairs, outside, or watch a show quietly)

I know that this seems like quite a structured list but all of this happens in just a moment.  It is a decision to parent proactively instead of reactively.  It doesn’t cut it to just be there to greet them.  You have to pick a pattern that works for you and stick with it.  Kids crave routine, predictability and communication.  I can do that!  I just need to get ‘er done.

Hoping you all are finding new routines as a stretching and defining time.  Don’t let them bog you down.  Take them on as a new challenge that you can tackle.

Have a blessed day!



Ok… yesterday was a tad bit busy.  Funny how the Sabbath got away from me!  A full morning of church with my family and then playing all afternoon with the kids that rolled into a MOPS event.  I didn’t make the goal of a post everyday.  But living over posting is what really matters.

And I was living.  Yesterday was the pace I really like.  Good laughs and learning during Sunday School, faith deepening and stretching during church, fellowship at lunch with 300+ members, nails done by Kaylee, Ian talking my ear off about karate, and bunco at church to meet new friends for MOPS.

I hope that yesterday you had a great day of living!!!!!

Later today I will blog again… after I wake up! 🙂



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Little Things…


Many of my Liberty and Kansas City North friends have been out of power since the early Saturday hours.  A storm blew through and really put a halt to everyone’s plans.  Many are still without tonight.  We can’t believe we still have power.

But I have heard many stories of sharing and building relationships that are happening when neighbors are forced out of their comfort zones to check on one another.  They are not only checking on each other but comparing ideas and news on future repairs.  I know that when a tornado came through Liberty a few years ago we headed outside to see how everyone around us was doing.  We just had to know how they were doing.

Yet day after day we open our garage doors and head out into the world. Then we return home with not ever having to connect with even the people on our street.  It is good that when life happens people do react with support and community first.

It would be great to spend more time with our neighbors outside of these times of natural chaos.

I need to work on that… how about you?

Why not?


The following post has been circulating on Facebook this week.  And I wanted to give my two cents… not that I am charging for this blog.  All my thoughts are free!

What I love about this list is that it makes the men and women in the Bible accessible and real.  Not that I am going to relate to a murderer or someone who is dead.  But I can completely relate to a worrier, moodiness, impatience, insecurity or being a short person.  And probably even a few more if I was truly open with this post.  Most of this list covers half of what the freshman year at college can be.

Jacob was a cheater
Peter had a temper
David had an affair
Noah got drunk
Jonah ran from God
Paul was a murderer
Gideon was insecure
Miriam was a gossip
Martha was a worrier
Thomas was a doubter
Sarah was impatient
Elijah was moody
Moses stuttered
Zaccheus was short
Abraham was old
Lazarus was DEAD

But what is fascinating to me is that through their real lives they were chosen to be part of stories that can help us today in our current world.  Even in reading Max  Lucado’s Out Live Your Life, this theme of normalcy resounds.  I don’t know where I got the idea that the disciples were called so they must really been more perfect than the Bible  stories led me to believe.  But Lucado describes them as not well educated, not well traveled, they were working class, they were regular joes, and not devotedly religious before Jesus.  Yet they were called…

You will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth. (Acts 1:8 NIV)

Can you imagine getting this declaration?  You right now are reading this…  What does it feel like or look like to honor that call?  Why do we put time limits on  who received this call?  Could we all honor it in some extent in our normalcy?

So, what’s YOUR  excuse? Can God use you? All He wants is YES!

God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the CALLED!

Live loved and boldly blessed!


2 Weeks


It has been two weeks since I left for the MOPS 2011 Convention in Nashville.  Unbelievable the amount of change since then.  My “baby” no longer at 26 months will even put a toe in his crib.  It was HARD and it was crazy to move him into a big boy bed.  But we met him where he was instead of where I wanted him to still be.  For about a week now we have had mountain top moments of sleeping all night to deep valleys of praying, wishing and hoping he would sleep for more than an hour.  But we are making it and he is getting it.  And the best part he is happy and knows he is loved right where he is. (which is on a twin mattress on the floor with construction bedding circa Target 6 years ago — Ian’s set)

Other big changes this week include the big kids back in school.  The house is bustling in the mornings and everyone so far has buy-in on getting out the door.  Kaylee is loving kindergarten and her teacher that has 22 years experience!! (woo hoo)  Ian is thrilled with his second year at our school and has many friends in class.  All is going well.  It is amazing to look back two weeks ago and our lives looked completely different.

With all this said, I am not sad.  Sure a little bit of me is that they are all three growing like weeds and Ian reminds me at least weekly that I only have him 10 more years until he is gone to college.  But I am more thrilled about their paths and direction.  I am open for the challenges, the good ones and the hard ones.  They all three know that Momma is here to listen, love and help.

I know that I am a praying momma.  I pray off and on all day as they are at school.  I don’t want their days to be perfect everyday.  I want them to be real and applicable.  Fun too!  The real part is where they will really learn about friends, learning and life.

There is that saying that having children is like having your heart walk outside into the world.  And I completely agree.  My heart is out in the world 3 times and it has deepened my faith, my ability to love and my grasp of what it means to be inclusive and open.

How this Blog thing works…


Hello all!  This is not my real blog for today.  I know you are relieved. 🙂

I am new to blogging and the WordPress website, so I wanted to clear up any confusion about how to follow this blog.


Under my daily post which is posted once daily to Facebook you can:

1 – hope you catch it when I post or you can click SUBSCRIBE.  It is a button on the right side.  If you subscribe, every time I post you will get a nifty email with  my post.  I promise they will never be too long.  We both don’t have time for that!

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I think that is the nuts and bolts of it.

Thank you for reading and I hope that my ramblings give you a moment of blessings each day.

Live Loved and Boldly Blessed!

Kristin Wooldridge